Wheel paint codes, 101 vs the world

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by don_xvi, Apr 1, 2005.

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    Don the 16th
    I've seen a number of references to paint codes for Ferrari wheels; It seems like a common one is 101/C (?) from Glasurit (sp). I haven't been able to put together that this is the code for 360 (one piece) wheels, though. Can anyone confirm either (1)that this is the code, (2)what else it might be, and most significantly, (3)where/how I can come up with a match?

    My first thought would be getting the Wurth paint "everyone" uses for wheels, but I wanted to see if there's any info out there to verify this is the correct color for some touchup work on 360 wheels.
  2. Dcup

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    Claude Balls
    i have the match and the paint, shoot me an email
  3. SoftwareDrone

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    I too would be very interested in obtaining some paint to touch up my 360 wheels.
    And, speaking of hard to find paint codes, anybody out there have the paint code for the trim paint used in the engine compartment of the 360's? It's PPG trim paint ("negro") but I need a color code before the paint supply house can help me.
  4. synchro

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    Feb 14, 2005
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  5. steve f

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    I think the best paint match you can get for ferrari wheels is some DRIVING LESSONS and then you wont kerb the wheels
  6. J.P.Sarti

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    May 23, 2005
    I am having my BB wheels repainted now, the color Fer101 which i believe was on most Ferrari wheels is unique from what I have seen as on my 328, it gives a nice metallic sheen at night with almost a hint of a purple hue. Someone had repainted my BB wheels almost with a dull silver grey and like most amateur jobs was bubbling in spots and flaking off and generally looks poor quality up close.

    I wouldn't attempt to repaint them myself with a rattle can, looks like
    a lot of work compared to the cost of a Griots kit and the results you'll get vs
    the body shop charge of $50-$100 a wheel but well worth it from all the prep work needed and stripping plus a base then clear coat baked on for longevity
  7. F308 MAN

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    Dave S
    that's choice coming from you, yer fat trollope ... tell 'em all of the last time you ever drove a ferrari ..... nob !
  8. SoftwareDrone

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    Well I still haven't discovered the paint code for the 360 wheels (which have been nicked by road debris, not curbed). However, I did post a message in the modern section that summarized a combination of two paints that will make the airbox covers a perfect match with the other 360 engine compartment parts (rain gutters, etc.).
    Hope this helps someone.
  9. peterp

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    I found that Dupli-color "Quicksilver 262 Suburu" (part number is SU 01345) was a very close match for Mondial wheels and posted it in the thread below. I received a few PM's indicating it was a solid match for several cars including a 355, so it may match the 360 as well. It's available at regular parts stores like AutoZone. Original thread:

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