When Men were Men

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    NFW that's real. Come on, there's crazy, but that's insane.
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    Back in the early part of the 20th century they also had board tracks. Basically these huge banked wooden tracks and the bikes would hit unbelievable speeds considering the tire and brake technology of the time. Super dangerous, planks would be loose or missing, and crashing in prehistoric leathers and helmet could be fatal easily. Some guys died from infections from massive splinters crashing on the boards.

    Eventually it died out.
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    Seen pictures but never a movie - very cool!
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    Now that looks like fun!!
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    Those early board trackers actually had the throttle fixed at wide open. The only control was by feathering a "kill" button, which shorted out the magneto. That is all the control a rider had, as there were NO brakes. Brakeless racing continued to Class C, and lasted past the
    War. Which means when you're bouncing down the dirt track on your Indian Scout, or HD WR (rigid frames tend to have the rear tire off the ground a lot), you can not tap the brakes to start a slide into the turn.
    Riding old, hand shift, foot clutch, brakeless machines is a completely different science now, compared to machines that always have the rear wheel on the ground, providing thrust & momentum, not too mention forgiving front suspension & brakes.
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    You’re kidding, right?

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