When your Maserati "talks" to you...

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    Art is a good idea to "listen" and find out what it is telling you.

    For a couple months, I've been experiencing a very mild vibration on hard left turns. The vibration goes away on even a mild right turn.. Very subtle and easy to ignore. Sometimes I also get a creak or a knock from the rear suspension upon launching from a full stop. Bushings.

    So I got him up on a lift and gave 'Marco' the Bora a thorough check and found the problem:

    Worn rear A-arm bushings - see photo for the one which is the main source of the vibration..
    (Bora Parts Catalog Table 18, item 21 part #SLN 68369)

    'Marco' is off the road while I take things apart and get them replaced.

    In the meantime, be reminded of the value of driving your classic Maserati enough that you get to know intimately how it feels and how it "talks" to you.

    - Art

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