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Why are F-chatters so condenscending

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by mr. green, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. mr. green

    mr. green Formula Junior

    Oct 31, 2003
    You can't even ask a simple question without hearing rhetoric. For a supposedly sophisticated crowd you are very Immature. I'm not directing
    this towards all F-chatters just the one's with the smartass answers.
  2. Mark(study)

    Mark(study) F1 Veteran

    Oct 13, 2001
    Clearwater, FL
    Full Name:
    Mr. Green... First you have to make friends, then you can abuse them

    You skipped step #1

    This is the first and only time I have replied to Mr Green. I wanted to sit back and watch. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. After 3 months of watching I am finally ready to answer you and solve your problem. You do have a problem... do you see anyone else here? asking over and over again why they are having problems????????? If you're the only one... then you might be the problem? Yes?

    First you have to make friends, then you can abuse them
    (repeat after me)
    "You skipped step 1"

    You only want to do step 2, you can't.
    Others can, others didn't skip step #1
    Your logic is wrong. Others on this chat site have earned their rights.
    You are the guy on F-chat that keeps tryng to cut in line. You are Fchats little weasel. Every great motion picture needs a weasel guy :) Make you feel good when he goes down in flames. Only you can re-cast yourself. Good luck.
  3. JSinNOLA

    JSinNOLA F1 World Champ
    Sponsor Lifetime Rossa

    Mar 18, 2002
    Denver, CO
    Why are F-chatters so condenscending?

    Because we know everything and you know nothing. That combined with the fact that you are the perfect punching bag:)
  4. wax

    wax Five Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa

    Jul 20, 2003
    Full Name:
    Dirty Harry
    1) You have a talking computer?
    2) F-cars are sophisticated. F-chatters (myself included) less so.
    2b) You're right - you are very immature.
    C) You're right - you are a smartass. The rest of us are somewhat sophisticated.

    Obviously you (and you alone) are unhappy in F-Chat.
    Solution: Find another Forum.
  5. Dave Radu

    Dave Radu Karting

    Nov 20, 2003
    San Jose, Ca
    Full Name:
    Dave Radu
    Mr. Green why don't you fill out your profile? That is if you have one. You need a personality first. Oh may be that's the problem
  6. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Formula 3

    Apr 20, 2002
    F-chatters are only condescending to little school boys that have more time than brains to make stupid, ignorant, moronic threads. Like yourself for instance.

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