Why aren't Rolladens more popular in the US?

Discussion in 'Creative Arts' started by ryalex, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Ryan Alexander
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    When my pops was in Germany during the 90's, their house and about every other house and small business building in Western Germany and Southern Holland had Rolladens. I love them - security, keeps house cool and dark (esp great for sleeping in the morning or napping). If/when I build my own place I'll put them in (there is a dealer here in Vegas). For those who haven't seen them, they're a rolling shutter that is similar to siding material, that come out from the side of the house and interlock over the windows - closed, they look like vinyl siding.

    They would be perfect for every house in the American Southeast - hurricane territory... basically in 30 seconds every window in your house is a metal wall. But you never see them. Why? Ever since I first went to Germany I thought for sure that would be a 9 figure industry if it caught on in the USA, but 15 years later it still hasn't.

    What's up? Maybe some builders can chime in.
  2. GuyIncognito

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    I see them fairly often in Florida. maybe they only have regional distribution?
  3. ryalex

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    Ryan Alexander
    I dunno. I think they're also a great alternative to having metal bars over your windows (in any inner city). A little more asthetically pleasing than black iron IMO.
  4. Far Out

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    You don't have Rollläden (<- that's the correct plural if you want to brag with your language skills :D) in the US??? I always thought they were common just about everywhere in the western world... Ryan is right, every house here has them on basically every window. In the small town where I live, there are alone 3 manufacturers of them...
  5. snj5

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    Russ Turner
    They are fantastic - I would load my house up with them if available!
  6. GatorFL

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    They are based in FL, Miami I think. The main reason they are not more popular is cost. There are less costly methods to hurricane-proof your house down here, from the aluminum panels to the new-fangled carbon fiber screens. Rolladen are at the top of the scale, so I'm told.

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