Why haven't 550s Appreciated More/Dropped in Value?

Discussion in '456/550/575' started by sgtpeper, Aug 25, 2019.

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    George Pepper
    I did two vacations in my 456M of over 5K miles each without an incident. One ranged from San Antonio, TX to Prescott, AZ and back, and the other from SA to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back. I even did a COTA track day before the BRP trip, and didn't think anything of it. Of course, I had the car very well sorted to the tune of about $30K worth of work, but it seemed like that was what the car was designed to do. Taking my 360 from here to WA and then US-101 down the coast to LA next month. I have a list of Ferrari service centers just to be sure, but I'd bet I have a better than even chance of no problems. It's a generation newer than the 456M and has been much less trouble, and I've had the engine and transmission out to restore everything in the engine bay, along with the suspension and electricals. Unreliable Ferraris have never had that kind of attention, I think.

    Still buying a C8 to have an even less stressful touring car, but I do these Ferrari adventures to make a point. They can be made reliable, it just costs a lot if you don't do your own work.

    And I know you work on yours, which I envy, but I break things with tools. :)
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    This has really been a great conversation so far. I can't really see one winning side so far but I love hearing all the opinions. It definitely seems to be divisive!
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    I have a manual 430, a F512M and a manual 575. Each is better than the other...your 360 and a 512 are more similar to each other than the 360 and a 550. But you can also get a 599 which is different to all of them.
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    The 550 was designed to be a sublte every day useable car for the Ferrari owner. It was a complete shift in mentallity and design by Luca di M. It wasn't designed to shout and scream "look at me". It was designed to be comfortable, easy to maintain, provide stress free ability for long periods of time.

    So I completely understand why people prefer mid engined cars.

    For me though, the list of attributes above is exactly why I like/want one of these cars. Mid engined cars do nothing for me as I don't do track days.

    I was 29 when the 550 came out and I instantly found it beautiful. To my eyes the 575M was even better.

    I decided I wanted a 575M, so I started looking two years ago, to date I've driven four the first three F1's which all varied enormously. The last one I drove was a manual. I realised at that point I didn't want an F1 car but manual 575's have just taken off in value that they are now viewed more as investments than cars.

    Over the last year I've gone back to looking at 550's due to the transmission and I've actually come to find them more attractive than the 575. I really think the design was right first time aesthetically, really pure and uncluttered. They don't need a particularly long list of options. I prefer the appearance of the standard seat to Daytona seats. I don't care about carbon, I don't care if it's got 3 piece wheels as I find the originals a perfect look for the car. I don't care if it's not got shields, in fact I prefer it without. I don't want a red one (well maybe rubino). They look better in more subtle colours.

    The fact people are not going to stand and point at it as I drive down the street or go to car events is perfect as I am in reality an introvert.

    If they continue to ease in value I'd be delighted. It means I'd be able to get one in better condition.
  7. ralfabco

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    Israel Beiteinu
    12’s, or just a dd econobox, with a stick !
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    21ATS, I bought my 2000 Nero Daytona 550 for many of the same reasons as you and similarly thought it'd be fairly unnoticed on the road. I was wrong. My experience with it after 2.5 years is that it not a subtle car to the general driving public at all. In fact, every time I drive it I notice people pointing and whipping out their cell phones to snap photos, whether at an intersection or driving down the interstate. People seem to instantly know what it is and are excited to see one being driven. Sure, a 550 or 575 may be may low-key by modern Ferrari standards, but any Ferrari stands out to the general public.
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    Alan, exactly my point of view, saw the car when it arrived to the markets and was smitten by it...., I was 32 years at that point. Never loved the TR appearance very much. The V8 car's were nice, but never touched me emotionally as much as the V12 cars of the past. When I was able to look for a Maranello I've been open for the different versions, but finally the interior of the 550 became my favorite choice in combination with the manual gearbox….. Very classic.

    Looked at several offered at that time, their condition differed a lot despite the nearly equal milage…. Decided for an one owner, exceptional maintainted quiet basic car, like it was originally offered at that time. Very pure...., no daytona seats, no shields, original wheels. Still happy with it, pozzi blue with crema interior...

    My car, as close at it might get to my dream specification….

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    Mr. Chupacabra
    For what it's worth, when I was in my early 20's I saw a 550 and thought it was perfect. So not ALL young bucks are only interested in flash.

    My 575 draws plenty of attention wherever it goes, which I honestly have had my fill of with the 348 and was looking forward to a bit more anonymity...but so goes Ferrari ownership.

    I think the 550/575 will have their day. 550 already kind of has, and I think it will come back.
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    Yes - the 550 has had a run up...and then settled back a bit. A number of years ago, I thought/said that I would buy a 550 when they hit $50K (US). Well, the good ones never got there. So, I then decided that I would buy the first good "Blue" car that I could find. 5 years later, I'm still right side up and "Lovin' it"....
  12. JohnnyRay

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    The car is subtle...but people do take notice and know (more or less) what it is. The first giveaway that it is not a 96 Camaro is the exhaust note. Next is the characteristic round taillights and the wide stance. And, no one mistakes the "horsey emblems" for those on a Mustang... :)
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    When I started my 550 search, I was considering a 575 F1 and converting it to a manual. I’ve seen pictures of one (maybe it was on here, in the 456/550/575 pics thread?). I figured I could buy the necessary parts from a breaker, and take the leap of faith that everything probably bolts in (and anything that doesn’t could just be fabricated to fit). I was shopping for a driver’s car, so the affect on value was secondary, though I am willing to bet the value might net positive. Perhaps something to consider...I might do it if I find an inexpensive local driver.
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    Cavaliere Senzatesta
    When I bought my 550 11 years ago I would take it on club drives. The group was almost all 360s and 430s and a few 599s coming along with the 550s. Today when I go on drives there are zero 430s, 360s, or 599s. It's all 458s and 488s, Californias, maybe an F12 or an 812 and usually 2 or 3 550s.
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    Israel Beiteinu
    Today, it is all diluted cookie-cutter production 'exotics.'

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