Would you degree wheel a 308 qv?

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by tf308, Apr 21, 2004.

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    I finally have all of my belts reinstalled on my 308qv. The motor is out of the car on a crate. Would you bother with a degree wheel? I have all of the marks aligned, ie. the PM14 mark is dead on and all the cams are dead on.

    I ask this because as I come up to pm14 on the flywheel the intake appears to open at 16 BTDC which is correct, but the PM58 looks more like 10btdc. But, this is just a fast visual not accurate with a dial indicator ( I dont have one)

    what would any of you do? Would ferrari techs say that this would be ok as long as the marks all line up? Opinions greatly appreciated.
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    I got it in my head that the because of the width of the grooves the only right way to do the cams was with a degree wheel....I had a couple question and called a couple ferrari dealers, but no one at the dealerships had ever done cams with a degree wheel.....but I continued and found out that as long as the marks were lined up, the cams were in spec. I just use the marks now.
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    chris morse
    I've only had the car a month and a half, but I love engines and this car in particular. If no one else comes up with a better suggestion, I would opt for certainty. Buy the degree wheel and the dial indicator and get it to the point where you feel good about it - that it is right. Next time you do the job, you will know what one tooth or 10 degrees or a half notch means.
    Go for certainty, this could be a bit of performance lost, not likely bent valves???
    Experience is worth a great deal more than hot air, (which is all I have to offer).

    good luck,
  4. mk e

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    I should add that the way ferrari specs the timing, you need to shim the valves to 0 clearance before taking any degree measurements or everything comes out wrong. If you search the old archieves you should find directions.
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    Dave Helms
    Use the flywheel as your degree wheel. It is marked for the valve opening and closing points. Check it with a dial indicator on the 1 piston at TDC (PM1/4) and make sure that mark is accurate (usually within 1 degree) Readings and adjustment are done with the valves set to .5MM
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    You should go back and check some older posts on this--on my old 308v4 motor I found the cam marks to be off about 4 degrees. I would not have known this if not for applying the degree wheel.
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    Verell Boaen
    If you're going for max performance, esp up near redline, say for a track car, then use every tool you've got (flywheel marks, dial indicator, special shims, & degree wheel). There are several excellent threads in the Old FChat archives.

    For spirited daily driving the cam/cam cap marks & flywheel PM1-4 mark are sufficient. They'll get you within factory tolerences.

    BTW, I've got scaleable artwork for making your own degree wheel. Just print it out & glue it to a sheet metal disc. If anyone is interested, go to:

    I found it on the web, Tavia is offering it as advertising. Of course some jmoke has started selling a copy on eBAY!

    Just wish I"d found it before I spent a hundred bucks for summit's degree wheel kit.

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