Y Draig Goch (Welsh dragon) Ferrari - Dudley Folland 166SC 010I

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    National racing colors had been introduced first as early as 1906 by the ACF (Automobile Club de France) for their Grand Prix. It has then been adapted by the AIACR and later also by the succeeding organisation FIA. The color was related to the entrant, never to the driver. The legislation of AIACR/FIA concerning color was never a strict one, to apply the rule or not was decision of the organizers, but if their regulations required national colors those fixed by the AIACR/FIA had to be used.
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    I had a discussion with the son of Louis Rosier about the color of the blue 750 Monza 0520M, he told me that the car was repainted or refreshen every 3/4 races because the paint peeling off the gravel and the presentation was important for the starting money-prime de départ.

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