Yea!!! It was Sunny today!!!

Discussion in '308/328' started by dinogt4guy, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Finally, a nice enough day to go out and streach the Dino's legs today. As of late I've only been able to start her up and let her warn up in the garage. It did start off to be a bit shakey though. As I let her warm up I employed the California Duster, them a quick window cleaning was in order. Once I was finished with the pre-drive preparations I noticed the temp was quite higher than the norm. !?!?!?!?!. So I proceded to quickly bleed the air out of the system at the radiator, but no air was there! So my next move was to turn on the heater as I was doing this I then noticed that the fans were not on! So I hit the switch and they began to whirr as they should. Still the temp was still too high. So I did the ol' screwdriver handle to the thermostat housing trick, after a few cautious raps I eagerly watched to see what the gauge was doing, at this point she was still blowing cold air thru the vents. Then as if by magic the temp needle rapidly plumeted into the normal operating range. Pheww!!! I seem to have been plagued by the notorious "stickey thermostat"! So after all that excitement I eazed her down the "reletively dry" 450 yrd gravel drive to the main road. A nice cruize down the freeway proved to be fine with the temp gauge behaving as it should, my slight nerviousness was fading, so into town for a little stop and go exersize to see if everything would stay as it should. I'm happy to say all was well. So back onto the freeway for a slightly bit more spirited rip then off again to some backroads with a few twisties and back to the garage! Then to top it all off , later a quick trip to the quick mart for a soda and back, noting that all systems were still go. But, A new thermostat is in order I believe, and a perhaps new fan sensor/switch too. Ahhh the simple pleasures of owning a classic Ferrari! Gotta Love it!!!!!

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