Cloth Braided fuel line alternatives

Discussion in '308/328' started by Rolly, Sep 23, 2019.

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    Spencer Tillim
    I had a great experience with AN lines and metric ends. The fittings going into the block were a perfect fit. You just have to find the proper adapters to some of the bigger openings like on the oil cooler. Funny @Martin308GTB after a couple years we both find our selves repeating our knowledge!

    May your pavement stay clean!!!!

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  3. Martin308GTB

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    Martin N.
    Hi Spencer,

    of course there are many options regarding oil lines with AN/metric-Adapters. But we are talking about fuel lines, where we have 6mm and 8mm fitting sizes (carb cars). I think noone would like to use adapters on the fuel lines. And AN-sizes are way too far away from fitting properly.
    Regarding my drysump oil lines, adapters were no option because of space restrictions in the pump area (long line from the bottom of the oiltank to the pump) and in the area from the oil cooler to the top of the tank.

    Best from Germany
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    Jun 17, 2009
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    If i absolutely needed the braided fuel line look, i would use nice SAE J30R9 fluoropolymer lined fuel injection hose. Gates or Goodyear makes, or made with the blue liner,and buy some braided electrical wire loom sleeving in one of the various materials and put that over the fuel line. McMaster-carr has sleeving that looks like it would work.

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