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  1. roger21

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hello everybody,
    I will soon have to go through the “new exhaust” ( central and final sections ) affair...
    Mine has already been refurbished and is definitely dead.I really hesitate about which way I should go,

    Stainless exhaust manufacturer?

    Both have pros and cons...

    Ansa is tempting as it would keep the look and sound original.
    It is also supposed to be “plug and play” but I am not really confident about that...
    7500€ shipped, which would mean about 10000 installed. Not really a bargain.

    Stainless seems way cheaper (Quicksilver, a UK manufacturer renowned for its reliability, charges 3000€ shipped) but would make me lose the look leaving aside the fact that I am usually not really fond of the stainless sound...
    I have also heard that those exhausts often need a lot of work to make it fit including cutting and welding which may seriously increase the bill.

    I would like to get the more infos and feedbacks before making my decision

    Are Ansa really “more easy” to install? Are they nicely built? How do they last? Do you think they add “value” to the car compared to aftermarket parts?
    Has anyone already tried Quicksilver? Any advice about other European manufacturers? Feelings about the stainless sound, is it louder, do you hear a difference?

    Good/bad experiences?

    Final invoices?

    Thanks a lot for helping me solve that cornelian dilemma!!! :)
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  2. raemin

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    R. Emin
    I've had a UK stainless exhaust for 10 years (25.000km) now.

    0) there is a bit of moderate corrosion on the soldering. I presume that regular steel would have been a lot worse.
    1) It's a bit to shiny for sure, and on the 365/400 the exhaust is much more visible than on the 412. So for a 412 this is a no-brainer, for earlier car this could be an issue.
    2) In the long run shiny is better than rust
    3) The car is so low that the exhaust will always collect dust water and will be damaged by rock and debris. Last but not least the raised tail makes it difficult to get rid of condensation during short trips. All in all the exhausts are likely to age fast.
    4) Exhaust manifold do produce a really nicer sound, but heat seems to raise a lot in the engine bay. No definitive assertion here, but on my car anything close to the stainless exhaust suffered a lot from heat while I could not see the same phenomenons on the other cars I can review.
    5) got to agree that not everything is perfectly aligned: the anchor for the rubber rings (sorry for the bad wording) are a bit off. Nothing that would justify to use a welder, but once you notice it, it's annoying.
    6) There is an manufacturer (Orbisoud) in France that makes 10k€ exhausts for the 400 and these are indeed close to perfect. So there are some options for no compromise Stainless Exhaust.

    The UK exhaust is a long lasting bargain (with a few defects).
  3. Jasonberkeley

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    Jason Berkeley
    See thread link below for what I did.

    I needed new final sections and used new ANSA pieces. They are a bit pricey, but they were plug and play, are original design, and look great.

    I personally think that they help the value, but it depends on the overall condition of your car and what you are looking for. Everyone on here probably has a different opinion on that.
  4. Highmiler

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    Dec 8, 2010
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    I used Timevalve out of Florida. Like ANSA they are plug and play but freight to France might run the cost up a lot.
  5. christc

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Hello Roger21,

    I purchased an Ansa system last year from Eurospares in Uk. NOS. I would liked to have the timevalve system but cost for it coming from the US were to high. Tiemevalve ist stainless, original Ansa look and better sound. Finally I went for the Ansa because it was original and attractive in terms of pricing. Speak to Eurospares if they can help. Fitting is quiet easy and should not by far be as high as you quote.
    Also Ansa Classic should be able to help but I have heard different things about quality, therefor bought an new old stock system.

  6. SouthJersey400i

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    Mar 14, 2007
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    Ken Battle
    When I purchased my car it had one straight pipe on each side all the way back to the rear of the car, past the rear axles. It has a single polished stainless oval muffler (not resonator) with no seams or weld lines visible. It is offset inlet and center outlet with a short ANSA one-to-two outlet on each pipe. The ANSA pieces have a part number but there are no markings on the muffler. I love the look of it.

    Dave Stacey has virtually the same setup on his 400i, except his muffler is a DynoMax (I think, see his posts to be sure).

    As for the sound, I have running many touristic rallies and the driver behind me always comments on the great "music".

    I made one mod a couple of yeas ago. Since the 400i runs about 1.5% CO at idle we often get nasty fumes in the car at low speed. So I had a shop weld in two Corvette cat converters (each good for 400 HP V8) in the middle of the car, roughly under the front seats. Sound was virtually unaffected but exhaust sure is cleaner! These cats have their own metal heat shields. I can set CO by opening the test ports on the outlet of headers.

    I like the look and the sound, MHO.
  7. Ak Jim

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    Dec 23, 2007
    North Pole AK
  8. roger21

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hello all

    Sorry for being so long replying. Long story short, new problems on the car have led to postpone the exhaust question... The 400 should be in the workshop since February but covid decided differently, not sure I will be able to drive it this year.

    So, back to the topic: has any of you heard about an Italian company called

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